Engineering Design

3D Modelling

We are supporting to improve the productivity of our customers with 3D Design. Solid modelling shortens design cycles, improve manufacturing processes, and accelerates the product introductions.

By the improved flow of product design and product information, customer can communicate throughout the organization, as well as among their suppliers and customers. This will give better result as faster time-to-market, with high quality products and it can benefit to increase revenue. Reduced design costs results in larger profit margins.

The main benefits of 3D modelling

2D Drafting

Mechanical 2D Drafting Services are used in the production of various mechanical components and parts. Drafting services help in preparing documentation of components, documentation of layout diagrams, and also in maintaining assembly configuration.

They can also assist to forecast lifetime of components during the actual implementation. The component tolerance information, dimensions of the assembly components, flexibility and interchangeability among components can also be assessed by 2d Drafting services.

Benefits of 2D drafting

By using mechanical 2D drafting services, it is now easy to share drawings with the support team. This also helps to incorporate multidimensional sketches, arrays, piping outline drawings, fabrications and much more related information.

Designing assistance for custom products

We can offer re-designed service parts for your equipment, which has been used for years/ decades, which are foreign-made ones, by consulting the details about the equipment and the broken parts.

Service case history

Remake of Cam shaft

A towel manufacturer, who uses an old towel loom made in Switzerland, was in trouble because an important part of the equipment was broken. It would take time to order a replacement to the towel loom maker in Switzerland and send them back and it might have been in out of the service contact period. They asked us to solve the problem. We examined the broken parts, such as measuring each dimensions, calculating intensity, evaluating wear amount and how it worked in the equipment, etc. Then we remade the part, Cam shaft.

Remake of Crasher gear

We have remade a crashed gear of Poly vinyl chloride extrusion moulding equipment made in Germany, in similar way mentioned above.

Design and Assembling of automated machinery

Customer can manufacture their machine /equipment at Frasco, from the concept to real. they will get the support from our entire engineering team as well as they can utilise our facility for design, manufacturing, quality checking, assembling and testing of their products. So costumer can enjoy the complete engineering solution under one roof. They can take out their fully finished product from Frasco to the market.

Fixture designing for Machining

We are undertaking designing and manufacturing of the fixtures for your machining process to reduce your manufacturing time, such as loading & unloading, cutting, machining and reduce the number of the processes

Piping Lay outs

Will be update soon..